The temperature has definitely dropped here in England in the last few days. Spending time outdoors isn’t so attractive this time of year but we need to remind ourselves to venture out in to nature at every chance we get. Having a dog to walk is always a good incentive to get out regularly and the weather is never as bad as you think before you leave the house. You can also get such great clothes for the outdoors now to keep you warm and dry. There is always the bonus of arriving back indoors after a long walk to the warm, especially with a real fire to huddle around with a warm cup of tea or a bowl of soup. Fires and candles are both great plus points of the dark winter months.

My husband Rob always says the only reason we need cold weather is to allow us to ski! The Christmas break and a ski holiday are both great things to look forward to as the nights draw in. Combining the two of course would be wonderful!

Rob is a great fan of Austria for skiing where you find beautiful resorts in towns that predate skiing with a history and a culture. A particular favourite is Kitzbühel, home of the famous and terrifying Hahnenkamn down-hill run. It is a small alpine town in the western Austrian province of Tyrol with lots of shops and cafes lining the streets of its medieval centre. Rob loves the relaxed feel of the family hotels he has stayed at in Austria serving delicious organic food, beer and wine with a warm welcome for the whole family.

He has had a number of great skiing holidays to Austria with a local company called Ski Bespoke based in Midhurst, West Sussex. Ski Bespoke, like the family hotels they promote, go that extra mile to ensure your ski trip runs smoothly allowing you to relax and enjoy your holiday knowing you are being looked after by the professionals.

During November Ski Bespoke are offering one of my skincare gift sets FREE with all bookings. The set includes three creams one for the face and neck, one hand and body and one for the feet, so all areas can be covered! After a long day’s skiing taking off your ski boots is a gorgeous feeling. Then having the flower foot cream with exotic davana oil and lavender oil to apply after your shower will be a welcome treat. The cream is packed with organic moisturising ingredients to make them feel beautifully soft and smell divine.

Please quote “Caroline’s Creams” when you contact Ski Bespoke.

I just love this photo of a valley in a ski resort all lit up at night – very inviting!

Lots of love