Calming Waves

All across the globe, life seems to have got faster. We are struggling to fit more and more into our days. This is coming at a price with many people suffering from stress-related illnesses including anxiety.

One way to manage this is through meditation. Our minds need a break and meditation is a way to calm our minds and reach some kind of inner peace.

The most well-known type of meditation – simply sitting quietly with eyes closed – takes practice in order to reach a state of calm and stop mental chatter. People often give up trying as they think they will never achieve a state of calm this way. If you are starting, I would recommend trying meditation in a group where you will receive guidance on ways to calm your mind through focusing on the breath or listening to a guided meditation. Music is also a great way to reach a meditative state – try going to YouTube and searching for meditation music – you will find many. I would suggest taking some time to discover one that you find soothing as it is very individual.

Walking meditation is another great option. Somewhere quiet, away from noisy roads, ideally out in nature in the countryside, but if not, in a local park close to trees if possible. The rhythm of walking can put you in a meditative state. This can bring you to a heightened state of awareness when you will notice the trees and plants around you and will at that moment be in the now, not only seeing everything with new eyes, but also noticing the sounds and smells of nature – the sound of the wind, or of any birds close by.

St Francis said: “Solvitur ambulando”.

This is a Latin phrase which means you will solve it while walking. When you are faced with a deep question, walking it through is very much a meditative process. It is said that all the great spiritual masters have also taken time to walk.

Using my Euskadi Meditation Cream can enhance this meditative experience. I have had amazing feedback from a lady who loves to use Euskadi while walking her dogs and an Australian nurse who bought Euskadi especially because of the eucalyptus oil in the cream. The aroma helps take her to the wonderfully relaxed state she achieves on her walks out in the Australian bush among the Eucalyptus trees.

I gathered the ingredients for this essence while walking in an area of outstanding natural beauty on the basque (Euskadi) Coast of Spain. Absorb the peaceful energy of this beautiful space with Euskadi Meditation Cream.

Wishing you peace,

Caroline x

Euskadi Meditation Cream