Now more than ever we mustn’t forget about the importance of looking after ourselves as in astrology the north node of the moon is entering nurturing cancer for an 18-month transit highlighting the importance of nurturing our wellbeing and psyche.

What better excuse do we need to go for a massage, a facial, reflexology, Reiki, the list is endless! Or go for a walk in nature, meet up with friends, all great for your mind, body and spirit 💚

Indulge in some self-pampering in the comfort of your own home with a relaxing hot bath complete with candles and gentle music. After your bath, massage your feet with my Flower Foot Cream 🌸👣! To encourage you to give yourself a regular foot massage (or get someone to do this for you!) I am doing a special offer of 25% off my Flower Foot Cream. Massaging or having our feet massaged is sooo nurturing and relaxing. It will also have the benefit of making your feet beautifully soft and smelling gorgeous from the two organic essential oils and prepare you for a wonderful night’s sleep 😴.

Take a look at this reflexology chart and you will see that when you massage your feet you are massaging much more than just your feet… I trained in reflexology back in 2003, but i still love studying reflexology charts!

Reflexology Chart
Soft feet and sweet dreams,

Caroline x

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