The Azores

The Azores – Creating the Azores Essence Cream

Azores Essence Cream

The Azores where I created the Azores Essence Cream

The Azores are an archaepelago in the Atlantic ocean west of Portugal and belong to Portugal. I first had the pleasure of visiting these islands in 1997 when we took our one-year old son Charlie abroad for the first time. It was quite an adventure. We flew via Lisbon, Portugal. We stayed on the island of Faial and also visited the island of Pico. We went on some amazing walks around dormant volcanoes. One day we took a trip in a small boat to see whales and dolphins. My husband and I had to go separately as Charlie was so little. I was lucky enough to see a short-finned pilot whale in the morning and Rob in the afternoon saw literally hundreds of dolphins and went over the side of the boat and was pulled along with the dolphins swimming close by. Having done this sort of thing all over the world this has to be one of the best spots in the world for dolphins and whale watching.

Last year in 2016 I celebrated my 50th birthday and I decided that the Azores was a perfect place to visit to celebrate this special birthday. My idea of heaven is being out in nature in warm weather, lots of beautiful flowers and trees and not too far from the sea so the Azores ticked all of these boxes. I knew I was going to make a new essence while on the island so planned to be there for that all important full moon, and even better the mid-summer full moon when the sun is also its most powerful.

For my birthday trip we stayed on the main island of Sao Miguel in the capital Ponta Delgada. We found an amazing place to stay called the Azorean Urban Lodge – It is owned and run by a lovely couple who speak great English and can’t do enough to help you. We could easily walk in to the town for coffee and cake and meals. The food was delicious, and all the recommendations made by the lodge owners about restaurants and cafes to try were outstanding. The Tasca restaurant was particularly good – in fact it was amazing – the food, the service and the atmosphere.

We hired a small motorbike to get around the island and were reliving our youth in no time! There’s nothing like the freedom you feel on a motorbike, once you’ve controlled your “what if” thoughts!

Azores Essence Cream

One day we visited some hot springs and had great fun standing under a waterfall of spring water. The trees and vegetation in this area were so beautiful with ferns and trees like we had seen while living in Australia. The water was very warm!

I knew which beach I had to visit to make the essence. The place where I had to get the sand and the seaweed was very specific. As we drove to the beach I spotted the flower I needed for the essence – a beautiful bright red canna lily. This flower is not indigenous to the island but the lilies now grow wild around the island.

The island was heaven for anybody who loves flowers. We drove along so many roads lined with stunning blue hydrangeas.

Azores Essence Cream

Azores Essence Cream helps you to be in the now and not afraid of what is to come.

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