Rose Flower Face Cream No1 Bestseller

Rose Flower Face Cream No.1 Best Seller!


I would like to show you my new leaflet for Rose Star Face Cream. Sales of this cream have been going amazingly well – it’s proving to be a wonderful face cream. Testimonials have come in telling me how the cream has cleared both acne and eczema. I have done a number of fairs recently sharing and selling my creams and have really enjoyed people’s reaction to Rose Star when they first apply and smell it – their faces light up and they say how much they love the smell of the rose oils and the silky texture of the cream which absorbs beautifully.

Rose essential oils, especially organic ones, are very expensive and because of this synthetic rose is often used instead. I would never use synthetic fragrances as roughly 95% of synthetic fragrance compounds are derived from petrochemicals. These chemicals are known carcinogens, hormone disruptors, and immune system suppressors, just to name a few of their nasty attributes – yuk!

The beautiful natural rose oils contained in Rose Star Face Cream are heavenly for your skin and help with emotional balance and boosting self-esteem. The star flower essence is for positivity – for peace, love, joy, prosperity and harmony making this cream a great way with which to start and end your day.

With lots of love


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