Tropical Balance




I created Tropical Balance primarily with children in mind, for the balancing of the main 7 chakras plus the upper heart/thymus chakra. However, I have found this combination of essences to be beneficial with adults as wellbecause of the overall balancing effect it gives.

Tropical Balance will benefit babies after their birth, balancing them energetically through all the chakras and helping the babies to be peaceful – a blessing for us all.

This combination of essences will benefit mothers after giving birth, helping them to balance energetically on all levels, and also the birth partners who shared the experience.

The first essence I created of the 8 was for the upper heart/thymus chakra. It is said that this chakra is related to the feelings of divine love, compassion, forgiveness, inner peace and release of fear. Tropical Balance will therefore help with anxiety and nervousness (with exams for example) and help you to feel more at peace with the world and more connected.

The upper heart/thymus chakra is said to be the bridge between your soul body and physical body. This is another reason why Tropical Balance will help babies and children especially.

INSTRUCTIONS: Do not touch pilules, but simply tip into lid and then directly into the mouth, or with children they can be put into their milk or water. Take at least 5 minutes away from food or drink other than water. A mother who is breastfeeding can take the pilules and the essences will come through her breast milk for the baby.

The eight essences included in Tropical Balance are the following:

Norfolk Pine (araucaria heterophylla)

Monkey Vine (parsonsia straminea)

Bottlebrush Tree (callistemon)

Bolwarra Shrub (eupomatia laurina)

Fishbone Fern (nephrolepis cordifolia)

Pandanus Tree (pandanaceae)

Golden Penda Tree (xanthostemon chrysanthus)

Strangler Fig (ficus watkinsiana)

The sucrose pilules are free from additives, preservatives, salts, colourings and flavourings.




  • I have used the tropical balance pilules for a couple of months and feel more able to deal with some challenging situations in my life.

    -B. Roselle, West Sussex