Star Flower Hand and Body Cream


To gently nurture your skin with organic essential oils and flower essences helping with grounding, courage and peace.

Apply to wrist pulse points twice daily and hands and body, especially dry patches of skin.


Star Flower Hand and Body Cream is made with essences Caroline made in both England and Australia, combining the energies of the northern and southern hemispheres. This collection of essences help you to feel strong, peaceful and joyful. The cream is scented with gorgeous organic essential oils: frankincense, lavender and helichrysum. The Australian essence for grounding, was made from a Norfolk Pine tree which stands on the stunning Sunshine Coast of south east Queensland.

Star Flower Hand & Body Cream nurtures your skin with the combination of organic ingredients including shea butter, olive oil and flaxseed oil, essential oils and wonderful essences. The cream is suitable for vegans.

Caroline has had amazing feedback on this cream for eczema – Sophie aged 8 applied the cream to eczema on her elbows and the skin healed in 5 hours!

Caroline sourced the ingredients intuitively to create this unique blend of cream, essences and essential oils.

Frankincense has anti-aging and healing properties and can help with digestion; lavender has numerous properties including its gentle ability to heal the skin; helichrysum has emollient properties, helping to make the skin smooth, soft and retain moisture.

The essences included in this cream are:

Borage (Star Flower) from England, for peace, love, prosperity, joy and harmony

Norfolk Pine from Australia, for grounding

Hollyhock from England, for protection, fortitude and courage

Purple Salvia from England, for unification, feeling connected and peace

“The combination of essential oils and flower essences in this product make it a truly unique nurturing and moisturising cream, helping you feel strong, peaceful and joyful.”

INSTRUCTIONS: Apply to hands and body, especially dry patches of skin. In addition, as with all my creams, please apply to the wrist pulse points where the essences are best absorbed.

On one of the first few times you apply this cream, please sit quietly afterwards and tune in to how the cream makes you feel. It is so easy in the modern world to rush everything and I would like you to get the most possible from using my creams.

Star Flower Hand and Body Cream comes in a 30ml jar which can be recycled.




  • This cream is so luxurious. The skin on my hands was very dry but my hands recovered really quickly and I love the smell.

    -Vera, West Sussex

  • I've been using the cream before bed and when I wake up and its really helping me feel more calm.

    -Jan, West Sussex

  • Today i had eczema on my elbows so i decided to put on star flower cream and magically 5 hours later it was all gone!

    -Sophie, Age 8, Salisbury

  • Wow prompt service the star flower cream arrived yesterday just as I was coming home from being out. I used it just after lunch and fell asleep for a couple of hrs which I never do. I love how it smells and it feels like it's getting in deep so I can let go. If that makes any sense!? I know I am going to enjoy working with it daily. Big thank you. amazing cream xx

    -Clare, Hampshire

  • I have been feeling a lot more energy using star flower cream both physical and mental energy. I am also feeling more solid and grounded and much stronger in the core.

    -Elisabeth, West Sussex

  • I used Star Flower when I had cancer. It gave me courage and helped me to feel stronger through all I had to go through.

    -Jane, Surrey

  • I am at the Conscious Life Expo at the Sunshine Coast and I have just tried this truly divine Star Flower cream. It has such a beautiful frequency and energy.

    -R'hishana, Sunshine Coast, Australia

  • Getting on very well with the cream thanks. It does exactly what it says on the tin.

    -Paul, West Sussex

  • I used the Star Flower cream on my stomach and abdomen for three weeks every day. I had major open surgery nearly 2 years ago and the wound took months to heal, leaving me with an 8" scar. I thought I had processed most of the negativity and awfulness of the trauma, but this cream released a whole load of emotional tension I didn't realise I was hanging on to. Not only does it smell divine, it absorbs easily into the skin and makes the skin smooth and relaxed. I have just ordered some more!

    -Anna, Devon

  • I have had eczema for many years and tried lots of creams. Star Flower is the best cream I have ever found for my eczema - it soothes and moisturises it beautifully - thank you!

    -Harriet, West Sussex

  • I use Star Flower cream whenever my eczema flares up. It's great stuff and heals it really quickly.

    -Charlie, West Sussex

  • The cream is having some effect, it’s definitely very soothing and has reduced the itching but not cleared up the eczema yet, however the doctor thinks that its Varicose Eczema and basically he thinks it is incurable and keeps prescribing steroid cream which is not nice.

    -Cris, Brighton

  • Gorgeous cream that brings wholeness and comfort to tired skin from travelling. I really appreciate your thoughtful gift and creation.

    -Stellar, Ireland