Sea Connection Essence Cream


Beautiful smelling cream with three essential oils to connect you to the sea giving a cleansing & calming effect.  Great to use with meditation, yoga and to prepare for sleep. Lots of testimonials about how sea connection cream helps with sleep.

Apply to heart centre area, top of the feet in stroking upwards movements & pulse points twice daily, including before going to sleep.



The essence of Sea Connection Cream was created by Caroline on the south coast of England. The cream connects you with the sea and has both a cleansing and calming effect. Fennel essential oil supports this cleansing. Caroline includes lavender and geranium essential oils to make a gorgeous calming and comforting aroma.

Sea Connection Essence Cream is great to use for meditation. Apply the cream to wrist pulse points and heart centre, and listen to the sound of water as well if you can, maybe the sound of waves on a beach, to connect you to the sea. This will help to calm you and reach a deeper state of meditation. This cream is also great to use with yoga for an enhanced experience.

The silky cream has the organic moisturising ingredients of Shea butter, olive oil and flaxseed oil and is suitable for vegans.

Caroline sourced the ingredients of this cream intuitively to create this unique blend of cream, essential oils and essences.

Sea Connection Essence Cream is made from the essence of four types of seaweed, two pebbles and a shell.

When you use this cream, it is like the energy of the sea washing over and through you. This has both a cleansing and calming effect. The cleansing effect is enhanced by the inclusion of organic fennel essential oil which has properties as a diuretic and tonic.

When applying the cream Caroline recommends you apply it to the tops of your feet from the base of the toes in upward stroking movements to the ankle. This is a technique used in reflexology to stimulate the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system helps with the elimination of toxins.

Caroline is looking at this in a very holistic way as when we talk of the mind body relationship of the lymphatic system, the lymph is responsible for eliminating emotional toxins too, so this cream helps with cleansing on many levels. With cleansing comes clarity.

Sea Connection Essence Cream is for the heart and earth star chakras and so helps with grounding. The earth star chakra is connected not only with the earth, but also with the sea.

This cream has a connection theme.

“I have often stood by the sea and thought how this enormous expanse of water is lapping up on the coast where I am standing and molecules of this same water will be washing up on some distant shore.”

INSTRUCTIONS: As with all my creams, please apply to wrist pulse points where both the essences and essential oils are best absorbed. Also apply Sea Connection Cream to the heart centre and the tops of the feet as described above.

Sea Connection Cream comes in a 30ml jar which can be recycled.






  • Very cleansing. I was able to connect to the sea straight away with this essence.

    -Jackie, West Sussex

  • This essence is very powerful and brought me to myself - to my heart centre.

    -Caiti, Wiltshire

  • The word that came to me with this essence was clarity.

    -Diane, West Sussex

  • I had an overwhelming desire to lay down with Sea Connection as I felt a great calming feeling washing over me.

    -Sophie, West Sussex

  • I love the smell of this cream and I like to use it before going to bed as it makes me feel calm.

    -Claire, West Sussex

  • I rub the sea connection cream on my varicose veins when they're itching and it stops the itching. I have tried lots of creams for this and this is the first one that works. I love the smell of the cream too.

    -R.M. West Sussex

  • The creams are incredible, I feel amazing using them. Somehow the fragrances are almost edible! So suited to where I am now. I tune in each time to work out which one my body needs, today its the sea connection.

    -Gabrielle, West Sussex

  • it smells absolutely divine!

    I've been so stressed at the minute with events and your cream has
    really come in useful.

    -Zoe, Dorset

  • I have been using Sea Connection Essence Cream for the last few weeks. I have been back and forward on family business to NZ for 7 months so you can imagine, I have been feeling very ungrounded. This cream helps to cleanse and ground my being beautifully.

    -Anna, Brisbane, Australia

  • I rub the cream on my wrists and ankles. It helps with my rheumatism.

    -Jan, Chichester, West Sussex

  • I like to apply sea connection cream before my yoga classes for an enhanced experience.

    -Elisabeth, West Sussex

  • I am happy to report that the Sea Connection Essence Cream has worked wonders. I was having some sleepless nights and although I had planned to give all the creams I bought to friends for Christmas, in the end I treated myself to one! I did as you suggested and put some cream on the top of my feet, my wrists and heart area and then fell into a deep sleep, dreaming of East Head!

    -J.B, West Sussex

  • I have been using it daily and meditating to the sounds of the sea!
    As well as using before giving reiki, and I have to say it is amazing!
    I have no more headaches around the third eye! It evokes a feeling of calm and yes, I will definitely be wanting more!

    -Sara, London

  • Yes I have been using the creams almost daily they are such a treat. For me it just give me the chance to actually take a deep breath and relax so thank you for your creations!

    -Kathryn, London

  • Just wanted to let you know that I've ordered 2 more of your Sea Connection Creams. Recently, my husband hurt his foot (again) and he asked straightaway for the cream because when he used it before, it helped his injury to clear up very quickly. I've also used it on my knee (no idea what I've done to it) and it has also helped that get better too! I can't work out why but am very happy that your creams are having this effect on us! Many thanks

    -Anna. Devon

  • I really love the sea connection. (It smells so good!) And I've been applying it before I inject my insulin, when possible. I feel like it's doing me good 🌊

    -Sam, West Sussex

  • I'm using the creams daily & I used it especially for Fissures on my thumb caused by the cold, They are terrifically painful & make life miserable so I put both creams on on alternate days. I had two fissures on my right thumb but they had closed up & were no longer painful after 48 hours,which to me was amazing. The creams I purchased from you are Sea Connection & Positive Progression, they both have Geranium oil in them.I'm also using the 2 creams on my face at night. They smell so good.

    -Anne, Worthing

  • I have just returned from a trip to Jamaica and I used the cream daily for a hand cream, perfume in evenings and sometimes just at night. I love the smell and find it very calming.

    -Sue, East Sussex

  • I’m enjoying your cream very much. I’ve put a little behind my nervous new dog’s ears and she’s calming and settling better every day.

    -Sarah, West Sussex

  • Recently moved house and was feeling very stressed.
    Sometimes I was waking up at 3am and not being able to sleep again until 5am.
    Used to come downstairs and use the cream and it definitely had a calming effect.
    I keep the little pot in my handbag just in case.
    My daughter loves it too.

    -Nicola, Surrey