Rose Star Face Cream


Luxurious face cream with organic rose otto essential oil and rose absolute. With star flower essence for peace, love, joy, prosperity, positivity and harmony; think of these uplifting words when applying this cream and enjoy the exquisite aroma.

Apply to face, neck and upper chest morning and night thinking of the positive words above. Let this twice daily ritual give you some time to nurture yourself and self-reflect.


The Star Flower essence in Rose Star Face Cream was made by Caroline in West Sussex, England and is for peace, love, joy, prosperity and harmony. This cream helps to bring positivity into your life and is exquisitely scented with organic rose otto essential oil and rose absolute. Roses are a wonderful symbol of love and the oils help with emotional balance and boosting self esteem and confidence. 

The silky cream contains the organic moisturising ingredients of Shea butter, olive oil and flaxseed oil and is suitable for vegans.

Rose Star Face Cream is becoming more and more popular as a face cream because of the great combination of organic rose essential oil and moisturising ingredients. The cream is further enhanced by the star flower essence.

Caroline sourced the ingredients intuitively to create this unique blend of cream, essence and essential oils.

Rose Otto oil helps you with emotional balance and in the opening of the heart chakra to experience unconditional love. Rose absolute is for joy and boosting self esteem and confidence, therefore the application of this cream has many benefits. Star Flower (borage) Essence from England, is for peace, love, joy, prosperity and harmony.

“I would like you to apply this gorgeous cream twice daily thinking or saying the words peace, love, joy, prosperity and harmony. They are such uplifting words invoking positivity into your life. Let this twice daily ritual give you some time to nurture yourself and self-reflect.”

INSTRUCTIONS: Apply to wrist pulse points, upper chest, neck area and face twice daily or when needed; thinking of the words peace, love, joy, prosperity and harmony. On one of the first few times you apply this cream, please sit quietly afterwards and tune in to how the cream makes you feel. It is so easy in the modern world to rush everything and I would like you to get the most possible from using my creams. Rose Star Face Cream comes in a 30ml jar which can be recycled.   Save


  • I love my cream Caroline. It smells so beautiful and makes me feel all safe and calm.

    -J.M. London

  • I use your rose star cream every day on my neck (and face actually) and it makes my skin feel silky. I love anything to do with rose and I just adore the smell.

    -R.M. West Sussex

  • The cream is wonderful and helping me to look at things differently and not go mad with it all..I see how I have become stuck with it, it is quite amazing. I have to put it on decollete, neck and then run my hands up and over my face and back of head and touch the gallbladder points (I guess that is what it is unless it is some other points too, just either side of spine at bottom of skull).

    -Victoria, West Sussex

  • I love your cream. I find the vibration beautiful and the reminder of the affirmations as I use it very centering.

    -Francie, QLD, Australia

  • I just purchased a jar of the Rose Star essence cream last week at the Koorana Centre as I found one of the small sample pots in my toiletry bag and was just in the mood for feeling a little more feminine recently after the ongoing ‘more manly’ activities of shifting furniture, DIY and generally packing/transporting items in readiness for my house sale. Thank you for creating such wonderful essences and hopefully see you again soon at some event.

    -Karina, West Sussex

  • Hi Hope this msg finds you well, i just want to tell you how grateful and thankful I am after using the Rose Star Flower Cream. Suffering from very bad acne for the past 2 years, due to hormones i guess haha, i was on the verge of just giving up with everything I was trying, but your cream has cleared up my face so so much "I Love It". So thankyou thankyou thankyou great work, my confidence is back WOO HOO😊

    -Aresmia, Queensland, Australia

  • I have enjoyed using the cream, and have tried to make it a daily ritual. So it has been really useful in getting me to ‘stop and smell the roses’ as it were!!
    Thanks for taking the time to ask.

    -Claire, London

  • I went to see my gp because for the first time in my life I had 'atopic eczema' he sent me off to a dermatologist who prescribed some lethal cream full of harsh chemicals. It was around and on my eye lids plus all around my mouth so I was feeling cautious.

    I asked Caroline what to use and she recommended her rose star cream, I know rose otto and rose absolute are brilliant oils so I gave it a go... sure enough within a few weeks my skin was completely clear.... and no chemicals!

    needless to say I use it now as a regular face cream! plus I use a good selection of her other creams, they are wonderful and I'd highly recommend them.

    -Annie, West Sussex

  • I am loving the Rose Star Face Cream; not just the lovely natural smell. It is a lovely gentle moisturiser. I will definitely be buying some more once this runs out.
    Many thanks

    -Karen, Brighton

  • Had a sample of Caroline`s Rose star Flower creme at the Vegan Fest in Brighton. The creme felt really nice and moisturize on the skin wile walking around. After washing my hands I have noticed that her creme didn't washed off same as other one I had a sample of from different stall. My acne problem is gone also the redness on skin only after a week. My sister got one as well for dry hands, they are a lot better now too. This creme is not a cheap thing, but we bouth really happy we bought it. Highly recommend this product

    -Eleonora, Portsmouth

  • The creams are lovely, I really like them as a face cream. Light and smell beautiful.

    I very much like the vibration of the creams. My interaction in the world is positive with them!

    -Michelle, Hampshire