Positive Progression


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Positive Progression helps you to move forward when fear and other emotions are holding you back.

The first essence is Bindweed, this is for when you are feeling trapped, maybe strangled and can’t seem to move forward, so this helps to release these feelings.

Next Hollyhock, this gives you courage and strength and helps you to feel protected as you move forward.

Next is Yew, this essence is made from an ancient Yew tree and is for emotions, connection to source, the heart centre and love. The Yew essence acts as a catalyst to move and release all the pent-up emotion that we carry in our hearts, thus clearing our heart centres and helping us to feel calmer and more free.

Finally Musk Mallow is for hope and peace. Hope for the future is very important both for ourselves and humanity and the earth, and peace in our hearts is important as this emanates to those around us, thus spreading peace to all.


Do not touch pilules, but simply tip into lid and then directly into the mouth, or with children they can be put into their milk or water. Take at least 5 minutes away from food or drink other than water. 1 pilule 3 times per day. Try to space the pilules out as evenly as you can through the day.

The sucrose pilules are free from additives, preservatives, salts, colourings and flavourings.




  • My 6 year-old daughter Sophie is in constant release when she's feeling vulnerable or feeling threatened. I noticed a change in my daughter's behaviour when she took the positive progression pilules and my daughter even said to me one day "When I take these they make me feel calm."

    -Caiti, Salisbury.

  • The first pilule didn't seem to have much of an effect on me BUT THE SECOND ONE WAS AMAZING!! a FEW SECONDS AFTER TAKING IT I FOUND MYSELF GOING INTO AN ALTERED STATE like a very deep meditation from which I never wanted to emerge. I remained in this state for about half an hour and would probably be still "there" if my husband hadn't persistently called me from downstairs.

    -Richenda, London