Positive Progression Flower Essence Cream


Enjoy the gentle and uplifting aroma of the geranium rosat essential oil in this cream as the flower essences help to release fear, calm you and give you the courage to move forward.

INSTRUCTIONS: Apply to the heart centre area and wrist pulse points twice daily, or when needed – a beautiful cream to uplift you anytime of the day. Also great as face or hand cream with beautifully moisturising organic ingredients.


Caroline made the essences for Positive Progression Cream in England and in Galicia, north-west Spain, while walking the pilgrimage route – the Camino de Santiago de Compostela. The powerful essences in this cream help you to move forward when fear and other emotions are holding you back. With organic geranium essential oil to uplift and support you in this process of change,  this cream is the perfect companion for when you feel ready to take the next step.

The silky cream contains the organic moisturising ingredients Shea butter, olive oil and flaxseed oil and is suitable for vegans.

Caroline sourced the ingredients intuitively to create this unique blend of cream, essential oils and essences.

The essences  included in this cream are:

Bindweed from England,  for when you are feeling trapped, maybe strangled and can’t seem to move forward, so this helps to release these feelings.

Hollyhock from England, this gives you courage and strength and helps you to feel protected as you move forward.

Yew tree from England, this essence is made from an ancient Yew tree in West Sussex, and is for emotions, connection to source, the heart centre and love. The Yew essence acts as a catalyst to move and release all the pent-up emotion that we carry in our hearts, thus clearing our heart centres and helping us to feel calmer and more free.

Musk Mallow from Spain, is for hope and peace. Hope for the future is very important both for ourselves and humanity and the earth, and peace in our hearts is important as this emanates to those around us, thus spreading peace to all.

“On one of the first few times you apply this cream, please sit quietly afterwards and tune in to how the cream makes you feel. It is so easy in the modern world to rush everything and I would like you to get the most possible from using Positive Progression Cream.”

INSTRUCTIONS: Apply to the heart centre area and wrist pulse points twice daily, or when needed – a beautiful cream to uplift you anytime of the day.  Also great as a face or hand cream with the beautiful aroma of the geranium rosat essential oil.

Positive Progression Essence Cream comes in a 30ml jar which can be recycled.




  • I was surprised at the emotional reaction I got when I applied it last night, but that can only be a good thing!

    -Sam, West Sussex

  • I have been using the positive progression cream to release deep sadness that I have been feeling. I have noticed how my heart centre has got quite hot sometimes when I apply the cream here. This is physical confirmation to me that the cream is working. I have found this cream a real support during a difficult time.

    -Anna, West Sussex

  • I feel a deep connection with positive progression cream because of the yew tree essence, and i love the smell of the geranium.

    -Roxie. London

  • Your positive progression cream is lovely and I'm using it daily, it seems to help me pause and reflect as well as deeper things I expect :)

    -Sue O, West Sussex

  • Yes I have been using the creams almost daily they are such a treat. For me it just give me the chance to actually take a deep breath and relax so thank you for your creations!

    -Kathryn, London

  • Yes the cream is lovely and It gives me a good feeling.

    -Kay, Surrey

  • I'm using the creams daily & I used it especially for Fissures on my thumb caused by the cold, They are terrifically painful & make life miserable so I put both creams on on alternate days. I had two fissures on my right thumb but they had closed up & were no longer painful after 48 hours,which to me was amazing. The creams I purchase from you are Sea Connection & Positive Progression, they both have Geranium oil in them. I'm also using the 2 creams on my face at night. They smell so good.

    -Anne, Worthing