Mother and Baby


A set of three luxurious creams to support mother and baby in their new life together


mother and baby gift set

Tropical Balance Essence Cream, Bee and Feel Connected Flower Essence Cream, and Rose Star Flower Cream.

Tropical Balance Essence Cream is for balancing and promoting inner peace for both mother and baby and is scented with the gentle comforting aroma of organic vanilla extract. This cream is safe to use in pregnancy and on babies. Apply to heart centre and wrist pulse points of mother and chest area of baby.

Bee and Feel Connected Flower Essence Cream contains organic English lavender oil to calm you when you are feeling overwhelmed. Apply to your wrist pulse points and heart centre, then sit quietly for a few moments

Rose Star Flower Cream is for peace, love joy, prosperity and harmony and contains exquisite smelling rose otto essential oil and rose absolute. Roses are a wonderful symbol of love and the oils help with emotional balance and boosting self-esteem and confidence. The cream is best applied to neck and upper chest area so you can enjoy the beautiful aroma of the roses.

Rose Star Flower Cream is also popular as a face cream.

Qualities: Balancing, balancing 7 main chakras, calming, compassion, grounding, joy, nurturing, overcoming fear, peace, forgiveness, confidence, positivity, self-esteem, uplifting

Origins: Sunshine Coast, QLD, AustraliaSouth Coast of England

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