Flower Foot Cream


Luxurious organic cream to nurture and honour your feet with exotic davana essential oil and flower essences helping with relaxation, calming, peace and inner strength.

Apply to feet, especially dry patches of skin. The essential oils are great for your feet which will also smell gorgeous! Can also be applied to wrist pulse points to absorb the flower essences.


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The essences of Flower Foot cream were made by Caroline on the island of Koh Tao, Thailand and in England. Applying the cream to your feet will help you to relax and feel calm with the amazing aroma of exotic davana oil and English lavender oil. The flower essences help you to overcome emotional frustration bringing stillness and a feeling of peace, making the cream especially good to use at the end of a long day.

We have had great feedback on the cream helping with a good night’s sleep  – please click on testimonials tab above.

The silky cream has the organic moisturising ingredients of Shea butter, olive oil and flaxseed oil and is suitable for vegans.

Caroline sourced the ingredients intuitively to create this unique blend of cream, essences and essential oils

Flower Foot Cream will nurture and honour your feet with organic davana and lavender essential oils and three flower essences. In India Davana flowers are used for sacred offerings to Lord Shiva, the god of transformation. Davana oil is used in Ayurveda.

Davana oil has many properties including its ability to treat rough, dry skin. It also has a relaxing effect on the nervous system, so is great when you are feeling stressed. Lavender oil has this calming quality as well and in addition is known to enhance blood circulation, another great attribute for a foot cream. Both essential oils have disinfecting properties.

The flower essences included in this cream are the following:
Desert Rose from Thailand, for emotional frustration like anger, rage, regret & feeling stuck
Bougainvillea from Thailand, for stillness, protection, strengthening of the auric field and inner strength
Purple Salvia from England, for unification, feeling connected and peace.

You can reflect on these words whenever you use this cream.

“Taking some time each day to nurture your feet with this cream will help you to relax, give you beautifully soft skin and your feet will smell gorgeous.”

INSTRUCTIONS: As with all my creams, please apply to wrist pulse points twice daily where the essences and oils are best absorbed.  Apply also to feet, especially dry patches of skin.

Flower Foot Cream comes in a 30ml jar which can be recycled.





  • The scent of the davana essential oil in flower footcream is truly delicious, the scent leaves you feeling uplifted and

    -Alice, West Sussex

  • The flower foot cream is not only a delight to use, but has helped my nervous system to relax - enabling me to sleep better

    -B. Roselle, West Sussex

  • After applying the cream to my daughter Sophie I asked her if she felt anything. "Empty in my tummy" she replied. This means the anger has gone as this is where she feels it.

    -Caiti, grateful mother, Salisbury

  • Maia has been using her cream. She was mad yesterday and said she used the cream to calm her down so she was able to start reading. And she doesn't like reading! She loves her cream and thinks it works better than her anger management class!!

    -W.B. mother, Bahamas

  • I also would like to thank you for taking the time to muscle test my husband in order to find out what he needed. The foot cream came to the forefront and on the nights he actually remembers to it, he falls asleep easily and has a deeper more restful night without all the mind chatter that usually stops him from sleeping soundly. This in turn flows on to his day being more productive and stress free. We all know the benefits of a good nights sleep and this cream has broken a cycle and created a calmer happier man,so we all benefit :)
    So happy to have found this amazing product.
    Thanks so much

    -Jo & John. Buderim, Australia

  • I absolutely love the creams Caroline. I know the cream helped immensely in releasing the block in my throat with grace and ease.

    -K.S. Queensland, Australia

  • My husband and I were wondering why our daughter had started shouting a lot again. Then I suddenly thought - flower foot cream and asked her if she was still using it. No she said. My daughter has now restarted applying the cream and the house is calmer again. The cream has a powerful effect on her and helps her to release anger and frustration. Her grandmother and her friend's mothers all notice the difference in her behaviour when she uses the flower foot cream. She is much calmer and happier.

    -C.B, Wiltshire

  • I love the foot cream. I’m not sure yet if it’s doing anything psychologically, but it feels like heaven when I put it on and the smell is divine.

    -Joan, Cambridgeshire

  • I purchased via the Koorana Centre, the Flower Foot cream as I felt my circulatory system needed a little help. Immediately after I put it on the souls of my feet I began to feel a tingling sensation which then travelled up my legs. I put it on at bedtime one night and the next morning woke to the taste of the essence in my mouth! So I guess you could say it really did circulate up and around my body.

    -Karina, West Sussex

  • Recently I tried some Flower foot cream on my mother’s feet as her reduced mobility now sees her suffering from oedema in her feet up to her knees, in places the skin being very tight. She was a little wary to begin with (a Yorkshire straight talking and thinking woman) but she noted a tingling sensation immediately. The next morning she informed me that the tight areas of skin around her calf were much softer and less painful. She was delighted when I said I would put more cream on before I left and asked if I could get her a jar!

    -Karina, West Sussex

  • So I've been using the creams a week!

    Im hooked.

    It was really easy to make it routine and it seems to be helping me relax and sleep.

    The most obvious benefit that i hadn't even thought about is that I'm moisturising my face at the same time and keeping my aging face under control!

    -Conrad, London

  • I’ve been using the Flower Foot cream & have given both of my daughters a little pot of it. I’m loving it!
    I will be travelling to London & then Florida this weekend for a Training Retreat, & will make sure I take the cream with me to stay calm.

    -Nina, Hampshire