Fig Leaf Essence Cream


For nurturing, centering and grounding and to balance the feminine and masculine energies, the yin/yang.

Apply to wrist pulse points and earth hara (abdomen area below the belly button) twice daily.

Also great as face or hand cream as beautifully moisturising.


The essence of the Fig Leaf Essence Cream was made in the Basque area of northern Spain, an inspirational region close to Caroline’s heart. The cream helps with the balancing of the masculine and feminine energies, the yin/yang and is scented with organic jasmine absolute and geranium rosat essential oil, both beautifully balancing oils. 

Caroline recommends applying the cream to the abdomen area below the belly button, the earth hara, which is centering, nurturing and grounding. This is a major energy centre half way down the body.

This silky cream contains the moisturising ingredients of Shea butter, olive oil and flaxseed oil and is suitable for vegans.

Caroline sourced the ingredients intuitively to create this unique blend of cream, essence and essential oils.

Fig Leaf Essence Cream is for balancing  the feminine and masculine energies, the  yin/yang and is made with the essence of  a fig leaf and organic jasmine absolute  and geranium essential oil.

Typically feminine/yin qualities include nurturing, empathic, intuitive, kind compassionate, and expressive.

Typically masculine/yang qualities include drive, independence, analytical and competitiveness.

We all, whether women or men need a good balance of the two. Too many of the typically feminine qualities can manifest in being too passive and too many of the typically masculine qualities can manifest in being aggressive, so ultimately a  balance of the two is the key.

Both jasmine absolute and geranium essential oil help with the balancing of the feminine and masculine energies. Jasmine helps to open our hearts so we become more sensitive and compassionate. Personally I  feel compassion has got to be one of the most important qualities for humanity.

“I feel that when the yin/yang is balanced in an individual this then has a ripple effect of creating more balance and harmony in relationships between the sexes on a personal level which then extends to a work/community/country/world level.”

INSTRUCTIONS: Apply twice daily to wrist pulse points and earth hara, abdomen area below the belly button. Applying the cream to the earth hara is very nurturing and centering and is a natural place to balance the physical body as well as balancing this vibrational centre which is also a spiritual centre.

Fig Leaf Essence Cream comes in a 30ml which can be recycled.




  • The creams are incredible, I feel amazing using them. Somehow the fragrances are almost edible! So suited to where I am now. I tune in each time to work out which one my body needs.

    -Gabrielle, East Sussex

  • Found this cream calming, grounding and balancing. Felt almost like my life depended on it!

    -Victoria, West Sussex

  • Fig Leaf Cream makes me feel very positive and more confident dealing with the challenges of life.

    -Hassan, St Remy, France

  • Fig Leaf Cream makes me feel grounded and aligned.

    -Roxie, West Sussex

  • So I've been using the creams a week!

    Im hooked.

    It was really easy to make it routine and it seems to be helping me relax and sleep.

    The most obvious benefit that i hadn't even thought about is that I'm moisturising my face at the same time and keeping my aging face under control!

    -Conrad, London