Euskadi Meditation Cream


For meditation and the development of the sixth sense, including intuition. Also great to use with yoga.

Apply to wrist pulse points and third eye before meditation and twice daily. Also great as face and hand cream as smells gorgeous.

As seen in Om Yoga and Lifestyle Magazine  January 2017 issue.


Om Magazine features Euskadi Essence Cream

As featured in Om Yoga & Lifestyle Magazine – January 2017 Issue –

Caroline made the essence for Euskadi Meditation Cream in the basque region of northern Spain, an area of outstanding natural beauty and tranquility. This cream is perfect for using with all types of meditation and yoga and any time when you would like to still your mind and connect with nature, for example while walking.

We are living at a time of great change and this cream is to help develop our sixth sense including  our intuition. Euskadi Meditation Cream helps us attune to the energetic changes happening right now, the universal transformation.

Caroline selected 3 essential oils to support this transformation. Firstly juniper oil which spiritually helps clear obstructions on our pathway to enlightenment and inner vision; eucalyptus oil also supports this transformation, and frankincense oil is well known as an aid to meditation and encourages and supports enlightenment.

The essence of the flower Vicia Villosa,  three white feathers and a volcanic stone helps us to ground and attune to the  new energies all around us.

The silky cream has the organic moisturising ingredients Shea butter, olive oil and flaxseed oil.

Caroline sourced the ingredients intuitively to create this unique blend of cream, essential oils and essences.

Caroline has had amazing feedback from people asked to trial the cream. It has helped with accessing clear messages from dreams and also helped with accessing a path deep into oneself accentuating anything out  of balance.

“I am very excited by the potential of Euskadi Essence Cream to support people in this time of huge energetic changes and so look forward to hearing feedback about individual experiences with this cream.”

INSTRUCTIONS: Apply to wrist pulse points and third eye before meditating and twice daily, at night before sleeping and first thing in the morning.

Euskadi Meditation Cream comes in a 30ml jar which can be recycled.





  • I've been using it at night on my forehead and third eye - I had a particularly challenging situation around family and so was asking for help and guidance with that - wow huge messages that came in from of dreams to help me through this situation - thank you so much - the cream is brilliant!

    -Karen Tetther, Australia

  • Found cream centering back into my body, and uplifting. Also helped with ear infection I was recovering from.

    -Sophie, West Sussex

  • I experienced great power from using this cream. A path deep inside myself. The roots of disease and problems become quickly clear (I just have to work out how to work with them now). The journey down I experienced clearly as my feet (not my feet now) running, pounding earth, and the rhythm sent me deeper inside. It is gentle and unforgiving! Grounding and expanding - accentuating anything out of balance - thus I can see the universal transformation link. To use it is like silk and I feel like it is one of the nicest things I have ever tried.

    -Victoria, West Sussex

  • Since using Euskadi cream I am having interesting dreams carrying messages. I was having problems with my throat and difficulty communicating, the cream has helped with this and I'm gaining the confidence to speak my truth more. I sense your personal energy in the cream Caroline.

    -Helen, Hampshire

  • I've tried the Euskadi Essence Cream and love it thanks. I use it every day and use it to meditate to and find it does help provide clarity.

    -Rachael, Selkirkshire

  • I am very pleased with my Euskadi cream, I know I am having positive results using this with meditation and I like to use it before going to bed sometimes, so thank you very much for this.

    -Carolyn, West Sussex

  • Hi Caroline 🙂 I just wanted to let you know that I used your cream today with a QHHT client and she had an AMAZING session! Brilliant 😃 I put it on me as well..... thank you, it's delicious! ❤ ❤ ❤

    -Sally, Southampton

  • I love your Euskadi cream and I have been sharing it with my Yoga students and giving them your details.

    -Katie, Yoga Teacher, West Sussex

  • I bought the Euskadi Essence cream because I love the smell of Frankincense and secondly, after you tested me, I needed it. I have experienced exceptionally vivid dreams every time I use it, mostly about escorting people from place to place or just finding myself in really odd situations with weird things going on. Almost like being in an alternative reality.

    -Karina, West Sussex

  • Thank you for you interest in my well-being!
    I think I can feel the difference wether I’m applying the creme or not. I sleep much better and feel more relaxed

    -Maya, Zurich, Switzerland

  • I felt the immediate benefit of your Euskadi meditation cream. It made me feel so much calmer & it ignites my third eye every time I apply the cream.

    -Anita, East Sussex

  • The creams are lovely, I really like them as a face cream. Light and smell beautiful.

    I very much like the vibration of the creams. My interaction in the world is positive with them!

    -Michelle, Hampshire