Bee and Feel Connected Flower Essence Cream


To help you when you are feeling overwhelmed, calm you and help you sleep.

Apply to heart centre area and pulse points twice daily or when needed.

Also great as face or hand cream with gentle organic lavender essential oil and the organic moisturising ingredients Shea butter, olive oil and flaxseed oil.

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The essences in Bee and Feel Connected Flower Essence cream were made by Caroline in England from five flowers all loved by bees. Bees connect us all with their pollination and play a very important part in nature and ecosystems which includes our food and food for animals and birds. Bees are also good communicators. Not only do bees highlight our interconnection, but also that we can work together for the good of all.

The essences help you to feel more connected if feeling isolated; the organic English lavender oil helps to calm you when you are feeling overwhelmed.

The silky cream has the organic moisturising ingredients Shea butter, olive oil and flaxseed oil.

Caroline sourced the ingredients intuitively to create this unique blend of cream, essential oils and essences. 

We are living in challenging times. The internet, TV and cheaper travel have connected us all which brings great benefits but also challenges people. We are a world of so many cultures and belief systems and in days gone by, when we lived in our own small worlds, many felt safe because of this.

Now with the world opening up it sometimes feels like a power struggle of different people claiming their way is the right way.

The essences used in this cream are all made in England:

Borage for peace, love, prosperity, joy, and harmony. What wonderful positive words for humanity.

Sweet Pea for clemency, pride, stubbornness. In order to have peace we need clemency, we have to forgive and move on but sometimes we are too proud and stubborn.

Lavender for god, grace, harmony, mother, the heart centre, and helps us to be more heart-centred rather than thinking so much with our logical brain which the modern world encourages.

Purple salvia for unification, feeling connected and peace, highlighting how we need to work together for peace. Peace in our hearts is so important so that we may then emanate this peace to all around us.

Hollyhock is for protection, fortitude and courage. When we feel safe and protected we are more able to find the strength and courage to move forward.

INSTRUCTIONS: Apply to the heart centre area and wrist pulse points twice daily or when needed – a beautiful cream to calm you anytime of the day.

Bee and Feel Connected Flower Essence comes in a 30ml jar which can be recycled.




  • From using bee and feel connected my sleep pattern has been improved

    -Alice, West Sussex

  • I’ve been really enjoying using the cream. My mind can sometimes feel a bit chaotic so it is a great support to being mindful and grounded.

    -Gabrielle, East Sussex

  • I used this cream recently when I was feeling very overwhelmed and was amazed just how quickly I calmed down - great cream to have close by.

    -Caroline. Somerset

  • I've had some amazing insights today Caroline and I'm understanding a lot more about myself, so thank you, the cream is working its magic.

    -Marina, West Sussex

  • Sooo, that cream is amazing Caroline. I only use it at night time. Dab a little on my wrist and sleep like a baby. Even if I wake up in the middle of the night...... no problem, I turn around and go straight back to sleep .

    -Claudia, Las Vegas, US

  • I love your creams. They are so special and powerful! I am getting well again ? Such a relief but feel they've enabled me. Like gathering my soul up to stand up emotionally to my illness.Very beautiful.

    -Clare, Hampshire

  • Thank you for you interest in my well-being!
    I think I can feel the difference whether I’m applying the creme or not. I sleep much better and feel more relaxed

    -Maya, Zurich,Switzerland

  • So I've been using the creams a week!

    Im hooked.

    It was really easy to make it routine and it seems to be helping me relax and sleep.

    The most obvious benefit that i hadn't even thought about is that I'm moisturising my face at the same time and keeping my aging face under control!

    -Conrad, London

  • The Bee and Feel Connected Flower Essence Cream is amazing! I've been using it now for about a month and it has really helped me re-connect to my daily life. I'm kind of stuck in a rut with no way of moving on in the foreseeable future and I was really struggling. I kept living in my imagined future which was wasting time. After using the Bee Cream for 4-5 weeks I'm finally grounded and centred once more. Nothing's changed in my situation, but I'm once more re-connected. Thank you Caroline!

    -Freya, Devon