Health and Wellbeing for Xmas

Health and Wellbeing Tips for Christmas

I think Christmas comes at a perfect time of year in the northern hemisphere, something to look forward to as the days get shorter and the weather gets colder. It is a very busy time of year and can be quite challenging emotionally and physically so here are a few tips for your wellbeing over this busy period:

1. Singing – this is good for your mind and exercises your lungs and heart, it helps to release endorphins, a hormone which is related to feelings of pleasure, and also the hormone oxytocin which has been found to alleviate anxiety and stress.

So have a good sing song – maybe some carols in church, or in a singing group, or simply in the shower or while cooking, or in the car – go on , sing to your heart’s content wherever you feel the urge!

2. Hot water and lemon. This is especially good both first thing in the morning and late in the evening. In the morning it helps with digestion as it flushes the digestive system and rehydrates the body. At night it helps to release toxins from the body and at any time will boost the immune system.

3. To prepare for a good night’s sleep have a warm bath with sea salt or Epsom salts to draw out toxins, relax your muscles and help you to relax. Maybe add a few drops of lavender essential oil too.

4. Take a milk thistle supplement to support your liver which tends to be challenged at this time of year with so much rich food and alcohol. Ask in your local health food shop and always check it doesn’t clash with any medication you might be taking.

5. If you are unlucky and get a cold over Christmas remember the hot water and lemon for your immune system, lots of rest and try using an electric diffuser with essential oils. Diffusers and essential oils are really good if you get really blocked up or can’t stop coughing. Put the diffuser on in a room with the the door closed so the room gets full of the steam and then add some drops of essential oil to the water. Try eucalyptus, frankincense or ravintsara, or lavender which many have in their cupboard and is so multipurpose including being good for sinus congestion and respiratory problems.

6. I would also recommend some of my Bee and Feel Connected Flower Essence Cream with lavender essential oil – to keep you calm and help you sleep – Christmas can be very overwhelming for many reasons…

bee and feel connected essence cream

7. Last but not least, as I always recommend all year round, get outside for some fresh air and connect with nature – a walk in the park, in the woods, by the beach, wherever you love to go.

Merry Christmas to you all and wishing you peace, love and happiness in 2018 💚🌸😁!

Love Caroline x