I hope the new year has started off well for you. It’s wonderful that the days are now getting lighter here in the northern hemisphere.

I just experienced the blood moon & lunar eclipse this weekend – wow it was stunning! Have a look at the image – not mine, unfortunately, but this is what I saw way up in the sky. I made some moon water & cleansed some crystals under this dazzling moon. The water actually froze – the first real frost in a long a time.

Blood moon

I have read & listened to some fascinating meanings of this current lunar eclipse. The words that always resonate most with me are living from the heart or what some may call heart-centred-living, freedom & connection with mother earth & each other.

This really is a major part of what my flower essence creams are for & the reason why I recently posted the following on Caroline’s Essence’s social media – Facebook, Instagram & Twitter:

Heart of flowers

I recommend applying some of my flower essence creams to the heart centre for a number of reasons:

To help release emotions including sadness and grief: to encourage us to be more heart centred, many of us are taught to always think with our heads/brains if we can focus more on our heart centres than this will help us feel more and be compassionate both to others and ourselves. Remember we also worry and are anxious from our heads, not our hearts, so by focusing on our heart centres we can reduce anxiety and find inner peace.

The creams I recommend applying to your heart centre are:

Positive Progressions Essence Cream
Azores Essence Cream
Sea Connection Essence Cream
Bee and Feel Connected Flower Essence Cream
Tropical Balance Essence Cream

Please feel free to apply any of my creams to the heart centre area if you feel drawn to – I encourage everyone to use their intuition.

If you would like help in choosing a cream, please contact me for a free mini consultation via the contact page .

Lots of love

Caroline 🌸