Basque Region, Spain

Creating the Essences for Euskadi Essence Cream for Meditation and Fig Leaf Essence for the balancing of the masculine and feminine energies, the yin/yang.

Caroline's Essences Euskadi Essence Cream

Euskadi Essence Cream

The essences of both the Euskadi and Fig Leaf Creams were created in the Mundaka estuary on the coast of the Basque region of Spain. I created the essences at the time of the full moon at the end of June 2015. I selected the flower for the Euskadi essence while on a relaxing late afternoon walk up a hill to view the estuary, a walk we had been told about by the friendly receptionist at our hotel. Even though it was late afternoon, it was still very warm, so lovely to be walking mainly through a wooded area with the shade of the trees. I was guided to the flower I needed for the essence by lots of white butterflies.

The Fig tree from which I got the leaf for the essence was growing next to a beautiful beach and providing welcome shade.
We had a great break here in 2015. There are lots of beautiful beaches both sides of the estuary and along the coastline. My husband Rob and my two sons had lots of fun having surf lessons from the Mundaka surf school which is owned by a friendly Aussie called Craig. You get a lot of Australian surfers here enjoying the Atlantic surf.

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Making Euskadi Essence Cream

The boys, Guggenheim (art gallery) in Bilbao, map of Spain

I first visited the Basque area of Spain in 1998. We decided to travel all the way by train, so my husband, myself and my then 2 year old set off from Chichester, West Sussex, to Portsmouth and took the ferry over to France. We had booked a sleeper carriage down to Montpellier in the south of France which Rob and I were both excited about doing as we both love train travel. Charlie unfortunately was not so impressed. It was too hot for him in the carriage and he cried a lot…

We arrived in Montpellier early in the morning and with a relieved Charlie now in his pushchair walked to the centre of Montpellier to find our hotel. I loved Montpellier – the beautiful tall buildings with cool central courtyards perfect in the hot summer climate. Next stop was San Sebastian, after a night stop in Barcelona. We had arrived in the wonderful Basque region – and so began my love affair with this region. San Sebastian is a beautiful stylish city with two beaches, one is called La Concha (the shell) and has beautiful white sand, right in the centre of the city. The old town in San Sebastian has gorgeous cobbled streets and lots of bars selling tapas and delicious local wines, as well as some of the best restaurants in Spain. The food is just amazing – everything so fresh including lots of locally caught fish. This was the first of many holidays with our sons to Northern Spain where we could have relaxing siestas and then go out in the evening with the children. What a great place to be where children are welcomed wherever you go day or night.

We have since visited the region many times in both summer and winter including celebrating the New Year here in 2009. The climate in the Basque is just that bit warmer in January so you do not need to get so wrapped up.

The coastline is stunning, the land rises quite sharply from the enormous Atlantic ocean in most places and is very green with lots of vegetation. We have stayed in a number of places along this coastline including the cities of Santander and Bilbao (see photo above of us outside the Guggenheim in Bilbao ) as well as lots of smaller places.

If you are wondering what Euskadi means, it is Basque in the Basque language. Yes the region has its own language, and an amazing one too with lots of “x”s. Don’t worry though, you can get by with Spanish and even English. I love languages and can speak some Spanish, but I must admit even after visiting the Basque region lots of times I know very little if any Basque.