We had a great summer here in England with lots of sunshine and beautiful weather. Now the Autumn season has officially begun in the Northern Hemisphere on the equinox of Monday 23 September. I knew the forecast for this day was rain, so when I awoke to sunshine I decided to go straight into the garden and take some pictures of my apple tree. With the sunshine streaming through, I was excited to see an orb dancing around the tree.

apple tree

This year my apple tree has had an abundance of fruit – my garden is full of apples which fall daily onto the grass, while my raspberry bush still has some berries ready to pick. This is how nature brings us into the now – it is now that we have the fruit to eat and if we don’t eat it, the fruit will go rotten unless we find ways to cook and preserve it. In days gone by, what a great time it must have been – harvesting season with the abundance of food when the freshness of the harvest would have been appreciated.

The cream I have created to help us be in the NOW is my Azores Essence Cream. This cream contains four essential oils: ylang-ylang, patchouli, sandalwood and lavender, which together have a powerful aroma. The aroma helps to bring you into the now and is much stronger than most of my creams. Not only does it smell gorgeous, but it will make you smell gorgeous too – a great natural perfume.

Azores landscape

I created the essence for this cream while celebrating my 50th birthday in the Azores. The natural beauty of the area is truly stunning. The Azores archipelago, also in the Northern Hemisphere and going into autumn, is made of volcanic islands complete with hot springs, rolling hills, lakes, lots of flowers, and beautiful rugged beaches with whales and dolphins swimming close by. I love travelling to different places and love that by creating essences in these areas, I can experience the energy of the locations again and again.

Azores water

To entice you to experience this beautiful cream, I am offering 15% off Azores Essence Cream the code NOW15 until the end of October.

Sending you sunshine and love

Caroline x