Dear All,

I have been on an amazing trip to Australia sharing the benefits and stories of my creams.

Together with my great friend Karen, we held a day retreat for a wonderful group in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. We started the day by making a beautiful nature mandala with flowers, leaves, wood and stones from the surrounding area. We literally brought the energy of nature inside and created a relaxing and nurturing environment working with the essence creams. It was an idyllic place to be, surrounded by stunning rainforest. Karen and I received lots of positive feedback; we look forward to the next retreat. Let me know if you are interested in a retreat either in the UK or Australia.

Australian retreat centreMandalas from nature









As well as holding the retreat, Karen and I flew down to an event in Melbourne, Victoria, where we were met with lots of enthusiasm for the creams and gained many new customers 😊.

I was also able to spend time on the beaches of the Sunshine Coast with my husband and two sons all together again after a number of months apart, as my youngest son Louis had been backpacking in Australasia and Asia.


My son & I in AustraliaMy son travelling Australia









I hope you enjoy the photos!

Lots of love


P.S. Don’t forget it you would like any help choosing a cream or creams from my website, please get in touch by email – or text to 07443 602740 – I would love to help! 💚

Road in Australia