Mooloolaba, Queensland, Australia

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I spent a wonderful year from July 2012 to July 2013 living in Mooloolaba on the sunshine coast Queensland. My boys were then 13 and 16 and spent a year at Mountain Creek State High School.
This coastline is truly magnificent. The beaches just go on for miles and miles – massive expanses of sand and the sea is ferocious! My husband and sons loved swimming in the sea and loved the waves. I’m not such a fan, but the rainforests so close to the sea – well they’re something else – my idea of heaven…

While living in Australia I kept a diary of “special moments”.

Here are a few of them:

Friday 29th July

Walk with Rob along the beach in Mooloolaba bay starting at 4.30pm. On the way back along the bay I spotted some dolphins, OMG then Rob saw them. We then had the joy of observing a couple of pairs of dolphins as we walked slowly back along the beach. We had just passed the surf club when Rob saw something else in the water and a few people were standing there looking. It turned out to be a seal. The seal was happily wallowing in the water feeding near the water’s edge, he looked like he was waving!

Finally, to top it all, as we walked back there was a beautiful sunset over in the direction of Maroochydoore and then two pelicans flew across the sunset together – beautiful!

Monday 1st October

A family walk in Mapleton National Park rainforest in the hinterland on Bank holiday Monday. Unfortunately it was very wet but the rainforest was beautiful. My 13-year old son Louis was walking at the front, but then turned round and walked back towards us, his face as white as a sheet, he had seen a snake and recommended we turn back. I would have been happy to do this but my husband Rob just had to take a look. The snake was just about to cross the path. We stood there very still and it started to move across the path. There was a group of three people behind us, so I asked them if they could identify the snake. One of them was Australian and immediately identified the snake as a python, which luckily are not venomous. He thought that the snake would have just come out of hibernation so would not be very active at the moment. The large python crossed the path and then climbed a tree, wrapping itself around the branches. The Australian guy said that was it was unusual to see a snake on a walk like this, that you could go on 100 walks and not see on. This was the second time that Louis had spotted a snake since our arrival, so we started to call him snake man which he wasn’t keen on…


They identified the snake as a Python.

As you can imagine living among such stunning nature is very inspiring and it was while living on the sunshine coast that the idea for Caroline’s Essences came to me. I found the fishbone fern to make my first essence for Tropical Balance in a patch of rainforest within walking distance of my home. This is why I have a fern on my logo.

I had lots of fun making all the other essences for Tropical Balance in that magical year in Australia from plants, trees and flowers I found in special places along the sunshine coast.

For more information about how my range of  Flower Essence Creams can help you, please feel free to get in touch.