Hearts on clothesline

February is the month of love with Valentine’s Day falling on the 14th. Love involves a mixture of intense feelings both in emotional and mental states. It can represent human kindness, compassion, and affection.

Roses 🌹represent a traditional symbol of love which is why I recommend my Rose Star Face Cream. This cream smells divine as it is made with organic rose otto essential oil and rose absolute. The Star Flower essence is for love, confidence, joy and harmony, making this cream the perfect choice to give to a loved one or as a treat for some self-love.

There are a number of ancient Greek words to describe the different types of love including the following:

Storge – empathy, tenderness, affection, especially relevant to describing a parent’s love for their children.
Philia – friendship – loyalty to your friends and family, sharing your emotions with them.
Eros – intimate love, sexual passion, present when “falling in love”.
Agape – unconditional, divine love. I have saved this type of love until last as this type of love is becoming more and more important. This is about oneness, lack of separation, overcoming the ‘them and us’, heart-centred living.

The words “All You Need Is Love” from the title of the 1967 Beatles song are gaining more meaning in the modern world. Love in its many forms helps us to overcome the challenges of the world; the moment for change and expression is happening now. I hope you all find beautiful ways to express your love!


Lots of love

Caroline 🌹