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About Caroline – UK

Flower essences changed my life back in 2003, when they helped my son to start sleeping through the night regularly for the first time at the age of 7. This was thanks to Phytobiophysics®. I had said that whatever healed my son Charlie I would learn, so this is what I did and completed my diploma in 2005. Since then I have been practicing Phytobiophysics® and also creating my own flower essences and more recently creams which I have used on my clients.

While living and creating flower essences in Australia, I decided to make it my mission to increase awareness of flower essences and see my beautiful creams as the best way to reach a greater number of people. I wanted to create a product that stimulates the senses and was a joy to use, so I decided to put my essences into creams – with a rich organic vegan base – no nasty chemicals, and with the beautiful aromas of organic and wild essential oils. The creams are made with organic moisturising ingredients like shea butter, olive oil and flaxseed oil.

I am very happy to present to you these flower essences I have created.  The creams come in 30ml jars and a small selection of essences I also produce as pilules in 5ml glass bottles. The bottles contain approximately 140 sucrose pilules. Both the creams and the pilules are sold in pretty white organza bags with explanatory leaflets.
Each cream has one or more organic essential oils which I chose intuitively. These essential oils give the creams their individual and special aroma. The sense of smell is closely linked with memory and is highly emotive so I find it quite fascinating to see and hear people’s reactions when they smell the creams. Essential oils have their own healing properties and as well as this will have their specific healing qualities for each individual when using the creams.

The first collection of essences I created was Tropical Balance which is available in pilules. I was inspired to create these essences while living on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia. The nature and landscapes there are stunning. I particularly love the rainforests, where I made my first Australian essence from a fishbone fern.

Another of my passions is travelling and as well as creating essences in the UK and Australia, I have created essences in Thailand and Spain which are included in the creams.

BAFEP logo British Association of Flower Essences ProducersI am a member of BAFEP, the British Association of Flower Essence Producers. BAFEP is an international trade association responsible for all producers of Bach Flower Remedies and other types of Essences.

Caroline Gibbons

Diploma Phytobiophysics®

Reiki Master (Usui & Karuna)

Diploma Reflexology


About Karen Tetther (Australia)

Karen at Caroline's essences

Karen is Head of Sales and distribution for Caroline’s Essences in Australia and New Zealand. Karen was drawn to using the creams in her work and is passionate about the powerful healing qualities of the Caroline’s Essences.  She is a qualified Yoga and Pilates Teacher and using the creams to enhance, promote and support clients’ healing.

Contact Karen at: or mobile: 0432 950468

Alice Readman (Media enquiries)

Alice has designed the branding for Caroline’s Essences and is helping to bring the over all  story to life.  Alice is responsible for the media and is a member of the team.

Contact Alice:

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