Bee & Feel Connected



Bee and Feel Connected is made from five flowers all loved by bees: Borage, Sweet Pea, Lavender, Purple Salvia and Hollyhock. Caroline made the five flower essences in her home town of Chichester, West Sussex, England.

We are living in challenging times. The internet, TV and cheaper travel have connected us all which brings great benefits but also challenges people. We are a world of so many cultures and belief systems and in days gone by, when we lived in our own small worlds, many felt safe because of this. Now with the world opening up it sometimes feels like a power struggle of different people claiming their way is the right way.

This collection of essences highlights that we are all one and all interconnected so both good and bad actions affect not only those close to us but also those far away. Bees connect us all with their pollination and play a very important part in nature and ecosystems which includes our food and food for animals and birds. Bees are also good communicators. So not only do bees highlight our interconnection but also that through good communication we can work together for the good of all.

The first essence I made – Borage, this is for peace, love, prosperity, joy, and harmony. What wonderful positive words for humanity.

Then Sweet Pea is for clemency, pride, stubbornness. In order to have peacewe need clemency, we have to forgive and move on but sometimes we are too proud and stubborn.

The Lavender is for god, grace, harmony, mother, the heart centre, and helps us to be more heart-centred rather than thinking so much with our logical brain which the modern world encourages. The Dalai Lama, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1989, has said that there are too many conditions today that develop the intellect instead of the heart. He recommends we develop compassion, not only for our friends but for all sentient beings, and that we work for peace and compassion.

Purple salvia is for unification, feeling connected and peace, highlighting how we need to work together for peace. Peace in our hearts is so important so that we may then emanate this peace to all around us.

Lastly Hollyhock,this flower is for protection, fortitude and courage. When we feel safe and protected we are more able to find the strength and courage to move forward.

Collectively these flowers can help us understand more fully in our hearts the meaning and feel of the interconnection of humanity, nature and all living things.


Do not touch pilules, but simply tip into lid and then directly into the mouth, or with children they can be put into their milk or water. Take at least 5 minutes away from food or drink other than water.

The sucrose pilules are free from additives, preservatives, salts, colourings and flavourings.